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Learning & Knowledge Management Tool

Knowledge Management is a strategic process that outlines how organizations handle information, data, and knowledge to optimize collective employee capabilities. It involves organizing, capturing, utilizing, and analyzing the impact of shared knowledge. UVOIS, as a combination of Learning Management System (LMS), Knowledge Management System (KMS), and Innovation Management System (IMS), aligns with the principles of modern knowledge management. It serves as a centralized hub where information is easily accessible, overcoming siloed data challenges.


UVOIS encourages knowledge sharing by convincing employees of its necessity, implementing user-friendly processes, and offering efficient software tools. The system's role in capturing, creating, and disseminating work-related content, such as video tutorials and articles, aligns with the benefits outlined in the explanation. UVOIS enhances collaboration, decreases problem-solving time, and provides management analytical tools for better insights, aligning with the advantages mentioned in the knowledge management context.

Fast roll-out

We are able to turn your concept into a reality in short period of time. This in turn will help you save valuable time.

End-user in mind

With our ‘social-media’ like format, anyone can know how to navigate and start contributing no time.

Obtain kKnowledge Rapidly

UVOIS search tool helps users find information quickly. It instantly displays all posts related to the user's search query. 

Key Features

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Curated Content

Sort knowledge content based on the the different categories, popularity and tags. By sorting through the phelotra of contents, you can narrow it down to what is important at the moment.


Auto Generated Tags

Enabled by AI, your content can be tagged automatically to facilitate categorisation of knowledge. This help you save time thinking of the appropriate tags for your content and  allows people to find content faster and more accurately through appropriate tags.


  • AI Generated

  • Auto Generated

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Collective Discussion

Discussions are intended to promote rich conversations by facilitating interactive thread-based communication between users. Through UVOIS, users can give feedback on other users postings and comments and enable users to upvote or downvote responses.



Customise your point system. Determine how points are allocated according to your goals. When it comes to knowledge management, the goal of gamification is to encourage environment of open communication and competence by making it enjoyable, adding a friendly competition element, and highlighting top and active users.

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Rich Media

Users have access to a stunning posting experience that includes formatting options, a convenient editing, media uploads, mentions, and third-party material that may be included.


In Depth Analytics

Measure & predict impact and performance. Obtain relevant data with smart analytics for all your collaboration and knowledge management efforts.

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AI Matching 

Our Related and Similar posts function is powered by our matching algorithm and Natural Language Search. Our algorithm is able to crunch all data on the platform and showcase posts that are relevant to the post viewed by the leader. Related posts showcase posts that are matched according to contents whereas Similar posts are matched according to concept and abstraction. Providing an essential birds eye view of all relevant information on the platform.

If you’d like more information about our LMS & KMS features, get in touch today.

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