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Exponential Workplace

Through UVOIS, clients will be able to harness the ability to transform their organisation to an exponential organisation (ExO). An ExO is an organisation that grows at an above-average rate, year-over-year in terms of either revenue, number of consumers or influence  — up to ten times faster compared to their peers in the industry,  but can do so with considerably fewer resources, and leverage the use of new technologies, especially digital technologies. One of the ways of becoming an exponential organisation is by using the ExO Canvas.

ExO Canvas

The ExO Canvas is designed to help organizations understand and implement principles that can enable them to operate in an exponential manner, leveraging rapid technological advancements and scalability. The canvas provides a visual framework that consists of key attributes and components essential for exponential organizations. These components include:

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Staff on Demand

Crowdsource ideas and information from other experts through Events feature or bring in the experts to the platform.


Community and Crowd

Invite the community to capture new ideas to solve existing challenges in the organisation.

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Screenshot 2023-11-28 at



Our smart algorithms matches similar and related challenges and resources in the platform.


Leveraged Assets

Organizations can achieve cost savings and increased scalability by opting for renting or leveraging existing assets instead of investing heavily in inventory and equipment. Cloud hosting capabilities eliminate the need for purchasing new equipment, providing a more cost-effective and scalable solution.

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Interact with internal through the comment section and interact with  external stakeholders through the Events page.



Social-media like layout that provides user-friendly experience.

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Trace activities  and access library through personal dashboard on the platform.



Pilot project or ideas through Project feature where users can track activities and update the status of the projects.

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Empower users to provide solutions or ideas to the platform through the Brainstorm and Needs feature.


Social Technologies

Engage with other users through our thread-like comment section, where you can ‘like’ and vote the comment.

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