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In the ever-evolving landscape of business, staying ahead requires more than just insight—it demands foresight. UVOIS, our cutting-edge platform, is not just a management tool; it's your strategic partner in implementing foresight methodologies that propel your organization towards a future of unprecedented success.

7 Steps for Foresight with UVOIS


Environmental Scanning

Perform a thorough analysis of the external environment, identifying essential trends, uncertainties, and potential driving forces that may impact the organisation. By utilizing the 'Trends' tab in UVOIS, each employee and organisation member can effortlessly communicate current challenges and issues they are facing, facilitating seamless expression and understanding.

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Identifying Critical Uncertainties

Create a range of scenarios by exploring different combinations of critical uncertainties. This process includes the transformation of identified trends into challenges, thereby contributing to the development of diverse and comprehensive scenarios.


Building Scenarios

Leverage the document management features within UVOIS to efficiently generate and store scenario-building documents, promoting collaboration among team members.

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Analyzing Scenarios

Utilize the Analytics tab in UVOIS as a valuable tool to evaluate the organisation's performance, facilitating the identification of weaknesses through the analysis of diverse data points. In addition to quantitative data, the 'Trends' tab offers insights into employee opinions on potential weaknesses and areas for improvement within the organisation.


Developing Strategies

UVOIS empowers every platform user to develop strategic responses and plans for each scenario based on the analysis conducted. Additionally, users can utilize the system to share real-time updates on project progress, providing comprehensive visibility for everyone within the enterprise to track the status of scenarios.

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Monitoring Progress

Leverage the system's tracking and reporting features within UVOIS to enable continuous monitoring and adaptation in response to evolving circumstances.


Communicate and Engage

Facilitate seamless communication of scenarios, strategies, and plans to pertinent stakeholders through UVOIS. Cultivate active engagement and collaboration among team members within the platform to establish a collective comprehension of potential future developments.

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Advantages of Employing UVOIS for Foresight


Unleash Strategic Foresight

With UVOIS, unlock the power of strategic foresight that goes beyond traditional planning. Seamlessly integrate foresight methodologies into your organisational fabric, gaining a comprehensive understanding of future trends, opportunities, and challenges. The tools of UVOIS make it possible to see the potential of every project in a clear way. This makes it possible to easily choose the right scenarios/trends/projects  to respond to.


Dynamic Data Insights

UVOIS leverages robust data collection and analysis tools to empower your decision-making. Harness the potential of real-time insights, allowing you to adapt swiftly to changing circumstances and make informed choices that shape the destiny of your enterprise. The tools of UVOIS make it possible to follow and manage the different projects in a simple way. This provides a clear overview of whether the organisation  is on the right track.

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Collaborate and Innovate

Foresight is a collaborative effort, and UVOIS is your digital workspace for collective innovation. Break down silos, foster cross-functional collaboration, and ensure that the best ideas rise to the surface, driving your organization towards an innovative and foresighted future. Every employee and external parties in the company has access to give their perspective on a key issue. As a result, many insights are obtained so that a problem can be looked at in an objective way.


Strategic Alignment

Navigate the complexities of the future with confidence using UVOIS' scenario planning features. Anticipate diverse future scenarios, evaluate potential outcomes, and strategically position your organisation to thrive, regardless of what lies ahead. For users of UVOIS it is possible to see all the information about what different Foresight methods are and how they can be applied. The knowledge graph is an easy to assess previous research about specific trends.

If you’d like more information about our Foresight features, get in touch today.

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