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Unlock boundless innovation with our powerful features designed to propel your ideas from conception to reality. Seamlessly identify needs, conquer challenges, and drive projects forward with precision. Our platform serves as a dynamic hub for ideation, offering curated guides to fuel your creative journey. Elevate your innovation game – transform visions into tangible success effortlessly.

Crowdsource and refine solutions

Our platform is a creative, safe space for users to spot opportunities where innovation needs to happen. Employees and managers alike can upload posts about opportunities that they feel should be addressed. Spark innovation by giving employees a platform to freely share their opinions. 

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Build ideas into portfolios of projects

At the heart of our platform are challenges. These often stem from perusing the dynamic postings that employees already uploaded. Carefully select the most impactful and engaging challenge and let employees come up with their own solutions. Use the knowledge of your entire company to innovate and excel. 

Gain Knowledge and Progress

Dive into Guides, the part of our platform dedicated to sharing captivating articles, cutting-edge research papers, and engaging videos with fellow users on the platform. Unlock a world of knowledge exchange and join the community of curious minds shaping the conversation. Elevate your company—share, learn, and connect!

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Track and Shape Innovation Performance 

Transform your ideas into reality. Choose standout solutions from your workers to create compelling projects. Monitor the progress and stay informed. Project owners share updates for transparent collaboration. Join us in shaping impactful projects that truly make a difference!

Communicate Innovation Efforts

Explore the latest updates on your company's gatherings and industry milestones. Delve into our corporate narrative, featuring achievements, innovations, and industry insights. Use our platform as a  centralized space for staying informed and connected.

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Elevate team performance, inspire healthy competition, and celebrate achievements with our innovative gamification feature. Transform your workplace into a dynamic hub of motivation and lasting success.




Service Name 

Recognize star performers by awarding points to users who contribute to the organization's dynamic innovation journey.

Fuel healthy competition and motivation with our leaderboard, providing real-time visibility into top performers and celebrating excellence.

Experience a gamified workplace where achievements are celebrated, fostering a culture of engagement, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

Analyse on a new level 

When it comes to strategic decisions in product development, feature selection, and technology choices, leverage information for informed choices. UVOIS enhances your decision-making with analytics, providing insights into your innovation process and organizational talent. Elevate your chances of successful launches with UVOIS.

Futuristic Knowledge Graphs
Avoid duplication of existing knowledge

Step into the future of insights with UVOIS and our revolutionary knowledge graphs. We're redefining the landscape of understanding for our valued customers. By harnessing the power of knowledge graphs, we provide an immersive experience, unlocking layers of insights to empower your decision-making process. 

Algorithms built into the system, enabling the organisation to use data to improve decision making and efficiency. The smart algorithms also supplement search functions on the platform for similar and related content. 

Related and Similar projects 
Strategic intelligence management

Find other related projects. Gain insightful information from other related projects and their process through the matching feature and knowledge graphs.  Get full insight into them to maximize own innovation and solution efforts. 

AI-powered open innovation platform with advanced analytics tool to track the progress and easily identify key areas to work on. UVOIS is equipped with matching data, sentiment analysis and auto-tagging features throughout the platform. 


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Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the server provides 99.99% uptime SLA around network, power and virtual server availability. The facility has been certified by national and international security standards (ISO 27001:2005 certified). 


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UVOIS is an SSL encrypted platform upholding data integrity and systematic audits providing cutting-edge security. Our certificate issuer provides the strongest SSL encryption available by using SHA-256 and 2048 bit RSA keys. It also has Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) Support.



UVOIS requires users to Login only with email and password, and the password is encrypted.The system is not integrated with any 3rd party authentication system- no information will be shared. Domain restriction is available for our clients.


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Different levels of access based on roles ensures only those with the assigned authority will have access to view specific items. The system also has a second visibility control based on Level, Division, Department and Groups

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UVOIS records all user activities to ensure that each action is trackable and accounted for.

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The platform is hosted on AWS's cloud, but hosting it on a private cloud and on an on-site server is also possible.

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