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Grant & Application Management

UVOIS has proven instrumental for organisations, delivering efficiency, transparency, and innovation in grant and application management, while fostering trust and accountability among stakeholders.

Key Features

1.0 Application Tracking

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UVOIS showcases a customized system meticulously crafted to track and oversee the entire lifecycle of grant applications. It seamlessly navigates and identifies trends, from the registration phase, where users create accounts, save drafts, to the final step of submitting applications.

Streamlined self-service sign-up process with authentication ensures a user-friendly experience. Every submission not only facilitates participation but also actively strengthens organisations's database, creating a valuable resource for potential participants in future events.

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2.0 Evaluation Tools

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UVOIS provides a centralised hub for the efficient storage and management of diverse documents integral to grant applications, encompassing proposals, reports, and supporting documentation. This comprehensive evaluation dashboard ensures seamless access and organisation of crucial materials, streamlining the document management process for enhanced efficiency in grant application procedures.

UVOIS offers Variable Evaluator Distribution (VED), providing exceptional flexibility in assigning evaluators. This feature ensures a dynamic and adaptable approach to the assessment process, making UVOIS an ideal solution for organisations with diverse evaluative needs.

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The evaluation feature in UVOIS demonstrates a high degree of granularity, empowering evaluators to provide specific comments for individual questions as well as overall feedback. This precision enhances the evaluative process, allowing for detailed insights into various aspects of the assessment.

3.0 Reporting and Analytics

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UVOIS is a comprehensive platform that empowers organizations in grant management by offering tools for report generation and data analysis. Its capabilities extend beyond data presentation, enabling organisations to extract meaningful insights from application data. It serves as a valuable ally, transforming raw data into actionable intelligence and optimizing the entire grant lifecycle for organizations.

4.0 Communication Tools

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Automated communication is seamlessly facilitated to both participants and evaluators across various stages. This functionality extends into the project management phase, automating timely reminders for upcoming reviews. This streamlined process allows administrators to concentrate on more strategic and higher-value tasks, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Effortlessly shareable URL: No requirement to establish an additional website or blog page to disseminate information. The landing page is a comprehensive resource, presenting various details such as eligibility criteria, focus areas, and application guidelines for quick and convenient reference.

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Case Study

The Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) is a government agency at the forefront of driving high-technology industries and innovation in Malaysia. Faced with the challenges of managing grants and competition applications efficiently, MIGHT embraced UVOIS as a comprehensive solution to streamline their processes, enhance transparency, and foster innovation.

Challenges Faced by MIGHT:

  1. Manual Grant Management: MIGHT encountered difficulties in managing grants manually, leading to delays, errors, and a lack of real-time visibility into the progress of funded projects.

  2. Complex Competition Applications: The existing application process for competitions was intricate and time-consuming, posing a barrier for potential applicants and slowing down the selection and approval processes.

Implementation of UVOIS
MIGHT chose UVOIS as a strategic tool to address these challenges and bring about transformative change in their grant management and competition application processes.

The integration of UVOIS has yielded profound results and impact for MIGHT, encompassing efficiency gains, increased innovation participation, transparency, accountability, and data-driven decision-making. Notably, UVOIS significantly reduced the time and effort involved in grant management, facilitating the more effective allocation of resources by MIGHT.


The streamlined competition application process attracted a higher number of applicant. Additionally, the analytics and reporting features of UVOIS empowered MIGHT with valuable data, facilitating informed decision-making, strategic resource allocation, and the identification of areas for improvement in their initiatives.

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